Advantages and Disadvantages of ISM code


  1.    It is a reliable management tool if used properly
  2.    It is effective in reducing accidents and damages (claims) if used properly
  3.    Risks are assessed and sensible precautions are taken when used sensibly
  4.    It helps increase awareness and compliance with rules and regulations
  5.    It improves/enforces safety consciousness and improves management skills of personnel

  1.  It is not a prescriptive enough management tool   (cf. TMSA)
  2.  Often , SMS Procedures may not be relevant
  3.  Working practices may be costly to change
  4.  Very scarcely ,time and resources are diverted from the principal purpose of carrying cargo        profitability
  5.  Checklists burden the system ,to satisfy auditing requirements
  6.  It is increasingly becoming an administrative burden
  7.  Too many rules and regulations directed to poorly trained personnel
  8.  Communication language ( too many languages ! )
  9.  Lack of “proper” training. Training needs are rarely reported
  10.  Lack of adaptability –on company side-with regards to ship-types and trade patterns                   (number of shore personnel, frequency of onboard visits)
  11.  R.O , R.S.O. , Flag Administration , P.S.C. behaviors may create problems of application ,        interpretation ,variation in objective standards
  12.  Lack of proper SMS monitoring and superficial evaluation (Int. Audits-Master’s Reviews-         Supt. Inspections-Evaluation of documentation received-Investigation & analysis etc. )
  13.    Shipping is a multinational and multifaceted industry with a globalized labor force. Diversity    of opinions and experiences play a significant role in ISM implementation
  14.  Non conformities still appear  as a “black mark” ( In the company – to the Majors – to             PSC- to Auditors ) 
  15.  Misguided ideas that large and repetitive quantities of paperwork (and administration to            function) and  ticking boxes and numerous checklists could ( ! ) replace good seamanship and     proper training.   


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